Taz 6 Z Probe Always Triggered

When running the M119 command in the gcode console, the Z-Probe is always in the TRIGGERED state. This causes all kinds of wacky leveling behavior, where the printer thinks it is level when it isn’t really. It was initially running an older firmware version (not sure which version) and would touch the homing pad and do the wipes, then ignore the leveling pads and just travel upward at each pad. Eventually printing way above the build plate. I have now installed the latest firmware on the printer through lulzbot cura, and the printer won’t even touch the homing pad. Homing X and Y axes will put the head directly above the homing pad, but now Z won’t attempt to touch the homing pad.

I’m assuming this is a hardware issue, but I’m struggling to figure out how to debug the main board to figure that out.

I would disconnect that probe connection at the board and run that M119 command again with it unplugged.

This will tell you if there is a wiring issue vs. a board issue.

If the z-probe is triggered with that connector disconnected at the board. There is likely something internally happening on the board and it would likely need replacing.

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