Taz 6 Z probing

Hey all

Can someone throw a few suggestions as to why my bed probing vairies so much on one side. The bed readings

Front left 7.1
Front right 7.1 - 7.2
Rear right 7.9
Rear left unknown as the lcd goes to 15 as it goes to the front of the bed to begin the print.

As far as i can tell, the frame is square and doesn’t look twisted forward. I have just finished doing the open rail mods on the Y but hasn’t changed the probe value. Still has the .8 difference.

0.8mm is a really small variance considering it’s a 300x2 bed. I wouldn’t worry about it. Z Height is modified while printing to make up for any variances.

Since changing to the open rail mod on y the probe levels are around the same but the print quality has improved. I am having no warping issues with ABS (open frame) only thing i am not liking is the way print quality is when having to bridge over supports.