TAZ Changes Batch 1 to Batch 2

Hi all,

I have a first batch TAZ and I am curious to how significant the changes will be in batch 2?
I have been looking at the files on the server and some of the parts have changed and in the batch 2 slicing spreadsheet it looks like a number of parts are being edited (most likely for the better or to alleviate problems).

I want to know if Aleph Objects is going to address the purchasers of the first batch (and thus initial supporters of the TAZ) on any significant changes that will be made for future customers and how we V1 owners might update our machines? By this I mean not just simply providing the print/part files but possibly providing support in direct or instruction for to on how we would print then use these updated parts on our machine, such as the post printing processing steps that we would have to complete to prepare the part for install.
I am fully aware of the risks one takes by purchasing the first batch of a product but also aware that by us taking the risks the respective company benefits with sales and publicity providing the backbone for future sales.

I should note that I am not unhappy with my TAZ (outside of some slight bed warping, a crack in the x-motor mount [which I know is being fixed in batch 2], the (every start of print) collision with the front left bed clamp, and a bit too much shaking of the unit during printing). I enjoy it and growing to love it despite its issues.

Very Best Regards,

-Tom :slight_smile:

p.s. also any ideas on when replacement PET sheets for the TAZ are going be stocked again?

So far most of the changes to the TAZ from Batch 1 to Batch 2 are just ways to reduce the number of printed parts. Batch 2 will probably have a stamped metal electronics case with acrylic top (maybe clear). The Z tops and frame connectors are going to be laser cut. Basically, we have a huge amount of demand now, so we have to do fewer printed parts. Batch 3 will likely have even fewer printed parts. Batch 2 may have RAMBo 1.2, depending on Johnnyr’s timeline. We also changed the X-ends to make them stronger (for shipping). We’ll also make some more changes to the shipping box, perhaps update the manual a bit, and other random small changes.

In sum, there really isn’t anything you’d want to upgrade from a Batch 1 to a Batch 2 machine.

PET sheets should be available real-soon-now. I know we just received a lot of them.


If that is happening, loosen the for thumbscrews under the bed (that mount the two parts of the chassis to one another), and move it over enough so it doesn’t hit when homing.

Also some of the changes for editing are also for easier production. Or atleast started out that way. Like the extruder body most of the changes that we are testing are small changes like chamfers on some edges or break away supports so there is less secondary machining/drilling on the extruder body. For a batch 1 user, I would sugest that if you ever do need to print out a replacement extruder body or maybe one for another extruder, print out the updated one( well after we finish making changes and testing) just so you don’t have to spend several minutes cleaning the older extruder body yourself.

I am hoping to get the newer extruder, which is functionaly identical to the old batch 1 extruder, to the point where once it is done printing you only have to break off 2 small support structures and it is ready to use.

I cant say exactly what other changes we are making to parts…mainly since other are working on most of them, but again I do know the overall goal for part editing is right now is to improve the manufactuablity.