TAZ EL Sheet bed upgrade.

I upgraded my TAZ with the 24V heated bed and a EL sheet that I taped between the glass and the heat element. :mrgreen:

Here some picture of it how it looks like. :astonished:
If it effects the heat or if the sheet gonna survive the heat for a long time I don’t know yet. Time will tell.


Wow cool.

Nice! That’s super sool.

Is that a homebrew dual-flexystruder?!? You’re doing it right :slight_smile:

That’s rather awesome! Mind linking to the EL sheet you used? How easy is it to work with?

Yep, and they work great with NinjaFlex and ABS.

http://www.adafruit.com/products/414 they come in different sizes

Its a simple sheet, it just needs a 12 Volt inverter to run. I did cut black vinyl on my silhouette cameo and taped it over the EL sheet.