Taz Pro Build Log

I’m currently in the process of building a Taz Pro and thought I’d share some pics. I have all the parts needed to build one except I still need to print the printed parts. The Z axis motors and shafts will be arriving this week. I machined all the metal parts now I need to powder coat the ones that are. My friend is laser cutting the electronics enclosure for me and I will bend it. I received the filament sensor, dual extruder, USB and CLCD pcb boards from OSHpark. I’m gonna solder them with my reflow oven.


Let me know if you have any interest in selling a set of the y and top frame plates, possibly 3 of the frame corners if you are cutting them? I’m going a different route on the motion bits and the extruder setup. I will be adding the filliment sensors for sure though.

Finished building the filament sensor assembly. Received the electronics enclosure today just have to add the pem nuts and bend it. Slowly working on building the tool head. Everything is coming together nicely.