TAZ Pro Owners -- do you recommend it?

I have a Taz 6 and love it. I use it for business to make parts that go into things I sell, and sometimes need more production capacity. I’ve been thinking about adding a TAZ Pro, but am a little surprised by the lack of online reviews and buzz. Is the Tax Pro in production and shipping to customers in the US now? Anyone here have one and care to comment on how it is working? Is it as reliable and jam-free as the Taz 6? Dual extruder working as advertised? Print quality? Etc., etc… :slight_smile: Thanks.

Unfortunately I purchased one and have had non-stop issues with it. The filament run out sensors didn’t work which was stopping my prints until I figured out to deactivate it. My prints also weren’t coming out very good even when using Polymax PLA or Ngen which are usually rock solid. My Ninjaflex was oozing all over the place no matter what settings I chose and looked like garbage etc. etc. Finally in the last week or so it has stopped working and was shuddering and crashing. It’s now been sent back to the distributor to sort out.

I’ll update this post once/if I get it back. To be honest though the Taz 6 with Aerostruder I have has a far better print quality. I’ve had to set it back up and use it and have been shocked how much better it is than the Pro I had. I’m hoping that I just got a dud - like I got a dud Aerostruder with faulty thermistor originally - and that I will get a Pro that actually works soon.

So for me it has been extremely unimpressive, but I’m hoping that I am just a lone person with a dud one. If it could work like it is supposed to it would be great and more flexible than an Ultimaker (which I now wish I’d purchased…). I wasn’t going to post anything until I was sure if it was a random dud one but given this is the second time I’ve been given a faulty Taz product I thought I should let others know as there’s pretty much nothing out there about these new printers.

not got a pro but have had a workhorse for a couple of weeks now, to be honest its quite unimpressive, jams everyday now, fix it and it will print fine, go to use it the following day and its jammed before its done anything. Not what you expect for the price, my ender 3 has a volcano nozzle on it and doesnt give me any issues, i would imagine the reviews on youtube are done by people that are given one for nothing, buy 5 prusa’s or cr10’s instead is my advice

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I’m sad to say that I don’t. I’ve had nothing but trouble with mine even after it came back from RMA. I was trying to talk them into a refund but only today realized that they were shutting down! It explains why my recent email to support were ignored.

That sucks to hear Bmarsh. I’m lucky that I bought mine through an Australian distributor who allowed me to return it and swap it for an Ultimaker. I hope you manage to get a good resolution to your problems. It’s not just the cost of the machine, it’s the countless hours of frustration to.