Taz Workhorse Homing Error

I just took a new job at a school and have had some issues with the Taz workhorse. When I got here, the nozzle was clogged, and while attempting to replace the it, I shorted out the whole system. After talking with support, I learned it was just a simple fuse (F3) replacement. After replacing the fuse, I elected to switch the head on the Printer to the HS 1.20 mm head. All of that seemed to go smoothly, except now my printer gives a “homing error, printer halted, restart printer” about 10 seconds after powering it on. I also cannot get the printer to connect to the printer anymore. It knows the printer is plugged in, but will not connect.

I have deleted Cura and re-downloaded (version 3.6.37) on my computer and pushed new firmware to the printer multiple times now.

Any ideas?

I have had similar homing errors…make sure you use your LED screen to change to HS 1.2 toolhead (under Toolhead Menu). I did a lot of other things too like downloaded and printed a squaring tool to better level my bed. If you find a solution, post it here…I am printing now but not sure if it will pop up again it seems to be intermittent type error.