TAZ Workhorse print is shifted?

Trying to print some cookie cutters and our printer started…acting up. Never seen it do this before. We’re using 2.85mm Polymaker Polylite PLA with the “Standard” profile in Cura. Any ideas or help is much appreciated!

That is a strange print shift. It is more like a print duplication. Can you post the .stl and the .gcode file, please (the .gcode file compresses quite well when zipped).

I have experienced a shifted print problem on both a TAZ 5 and TAZ 6 printer. The problem (in my case) was a failing stepper motor driver on the Rambo board in both cases.

I cannot tell from your photo if it’s shifted on the X or Y axis. However, whichever access it’s shifted on, it was that stepper driver that was starting to fail both times I experienced it.

Another indicator that I remember was that traveling on the failing axis direction sounded different than it did when it was working properly. A deeper noisier sound. It would also vibrate the belt pretty violently near the end of it’s life… At the beginning of the failure, traveling in the failing axis direction I could definitely hear that something was off but it didn’t vibrate the belt violently like it did in the end.

Anyways, it’s not good news if that’s what’s up with your printer. The fix if that’s the case is the removal and replacement of the Rambo board. There’s no fixing those boards (in my experience anyways).

I do however agree with the prior poster that you should first look at your gcode.