Taz5: Can we modify the display information/areas?

Hi all, if this should go somewhere else, please do point me there. I’m wondering if we can change the display or if it’s possible to do something like the following.

I find the progress bar somewhat uninformative, it occurred to me that it might be nice to have the display showing current layer then total layers, and then maybe a percentage and elapsed time (even projected time?). Also, in the same vein, maybe a way to start a print at a particular layer? I’m thinking about how I have accidentally stopped a print rather than pausing it, and if I knew the layer, it would be nice to just restart it at that layer (Or even a confirmation dialog to prevent me from making just a silly mistake in the first place).

Now I understand this restart might be pretty low-percentage (you couldn’t re-get the height since there’d be material in the way most likely), but I do find myself wondering what the real numbers are rather than that status bar.

Maybe this has been addressed before, or exists somewhere else, I’ve just had no luck finding it if so.

Thanks for any info,

Ted Bruyere

Have a look at Marlin github. There is a simple copy & paste example that does exactly this - adding % printed to the screen. But this is only possible during SD card printing. With USB printing, the FW has no knowledge about the total number of layers, it only knows about the next few line segments.

Elapsed time is shown in the display, at last in my Marlin RC version. Remaining time is quite difficult, I think nearly impossible, to do inside the Firmware. The printer doesn’t know the shape of your object, so a linear extrapolation would be very unprecise and there is not enough power to do something like Pronterface is doing.

Restarting at a given layer is not enough - you would need to know exactly at which point you stoped the print inside that layer. That information is normaly not available. So you have to be careful, it’s the only way :wink:

Seems like my filament endstop sensors are the way to go on this. I have them, just need to learn how to connect them and then use them.

Thanks for the input!