Temperaure limit override

I need any information anyone might have regarding methods for overriding the emergency shutdown temperature settings in the TAZ firmware. I have a couple of highly modified TAZ6’s one of which I’m trying to modify to safely (and reliably) use to print Ultem (PEI). I have this printer in a custom oven (not the control boards) that I have currently run up to 70 degC without incident. BTW, this allows prints of bulky large profile flat parts (6" flat square base with sharp corners with bulk) from PC and ABS with absolutely no warpage, straight on the bed, with no brim or raft. With the current config, I figure I wouldn’t go above 90 degC in light of all of the ABS components in there. I am currently reprinting the extruder head components out of polycarb along with adding a TE cooler to the hotend cooler fan intake to make the head tolerant of the 350+ degC extrusion temp I expect to need. I intend to print the entire suite of parts within the oven from PC to increase my temp margin for the oven but don’t yet know how hot I’ll need to go to get reliable printing in Ultem at those temperatures. I will also need to remove the PEI sheet from the print surface and will start with Kapton as a replacement. I expect other issues along the way (e.g. motor overheating, belt failure, etc) and will address them as they come up. For now, my stumbling block is the auto-shutdown temp setting. Aleph tech support, as helpful as the generally are, cannot advise me on this issue due to safety/legal concerns so I’m looking here for answers. I suppose I can trick it by either insulating the temp sensor or putting a resister in line - so that it reads less than the actual head temp - and scaling my feedback accordingly. I’d much prefer, however, a code solution if possible.

Guessing you are going to have to grab the Marlin source code from https://code.alephobjects.com/diffusion/MARLIN/ and after changing the MAXTEMP lines in the configuration file compile and upload to your RAMBo.