Terrible noise during first step in alignment before a print.


The printer does not stop raising the extruder during the very first motions the printer takes to prepare itself for a print.

Basicly I load my 3d model, I click print and it begins raising the extruder. Its behavior is as if it has no clue it is trying to lift beyond what is capable of bringing the extruder and creates a grinding noise. Obviously the grinding noise is the motors unable to push it further as it has reached its limits. The question is, why is it behaving like this? I am stock default settings across the board except for the filament Material, being ABS. Regardless I have printed this object 100+ times. This is the second time I have ran into this problem. Obviously not related to what I am printing as it is the beginning alignment process.

If anyone has experienced this and has a solution I couldn’t be happier. How does the machine know when it has reached the vertical limits of lifting the bed at the beginning of its warm up? I don’t see any specific sensor out in the open. I will continue to review it and update with what I find.



I noticed the horizontal bar was not flat and level. I rotated the adjustments with my fingers to level it out. Found what looks like the sensor on the left side, must make contact with the top of the frame of the 3d printer and tells it to stop. The opposite side with no sensor was raised higher than the sensor side.

Now I seem to have developed a new problem. The next step it takes to align itself is lower the extruder tip on to the 4 metal contacts on the corners of the print bed. When it lowers down on to the first corner, it would probably press until it breaks it. I have to turn the machine off just so it doesn’t break it.

I cleaned the extruder tip to be sure it is bare metal on metal contact. Still results in the extruder pushing down and attempting to flex the print bed corner.

Any tips would be greatful, I will continue to figure it out.

Alright everyone. Perhaps this whole thread should be deleted. I resolved the issues.

The last issue with the print bed corner being pressed as hard as the machine would like to was the result of the 4 corners no longer being connected. Some how the wire was torn apart. I stripped the wire and soldered it to the ground nut / clamp. Now we are back in business.