The great printer races: show off your speed!

So, I’m curious. What’s the fastest you can operate your printer at and still get an accurate print? I’ve still got a ways to go on hotrodding some of my hardware, and I suspect that having a schnozzle 1.0 limits my feed rates a bit, but I’ve had mine up around 150 mm/s for infil,and 120 for perimiters with a .5mm nozzle. I’m just curious how that stacks up compared to any of you printing speed deamons out there to see how far I have yet to go?

Let the races begin! (bonus points for video of your printer printing fast!)

That’s inline with the speeds I’ve been running:

Perimeters of 100, infill at 150, with ABS and a 0.5mm nozzle, on the AO-101.