Tips for a convert?

Hello all

I just converted from a makerbot replicator 2. It took me awhile to get things leveled and zeroed in.

I have one reel of ABS, but I am more familiar with PLA, I printed the fan duct needed… is there anything else I need to know about printing in PLA on the TAZ?

Any other tips for a new convert? The Makerbot apparently does not teach you much about 3D printing…

Lastly… my printer randomly makes a click-pop noise, sounds mechcanical, I cannot find the origin but it does not seem to affect anything, any ideas?

thanks for all your help. I cannot wait until I have this thing mastered.

Click pop can be from a full rotation of the filament reel, if the inner reel hole has filament sticking out (!).

I’m a convert too. I just started with HIPS but set the printer up in the basement and realized its too cold down there to get good prints.