TK-0 motors


I’m making a TK-0 (possibly three in fact :blush: ). Beside performances, I love TK-0 design and your open-hardware approach :blush: .

At the moment I’m sourcing motors.

I saw your selling them in your shop, yet with shipping cost I hope wining some € buying them in Europe (I am in France).

The problem is I don’t find stepper motors with exactly performances of your ones.

So I would be interested in knowing what specifications are mandatory in order to make compromises without sacrificing performance :

  • on holding torque
  • rated current
  • shaft
  • lead wires, what about SM with 6 wires and electronic board

    Another question still about motors and TK-0.

I imagine there is an interest/gain with the use of a single type of motor with a relative “mass” production, or at least important in quantity.
On my side as I’m about to produce just several ones, would there be a sense in having SM with different performances depending on their use (X, Y, Z axis and extruder) ?
Said another a way, are there minimum requirements on SM specs depending where they are used, still without sacrificing performance.

Thanks for any answer or orientation in this litle quest :blush: .

We ship to France from the UK, so it will be reasonably priced and won’t get held at customs.


Yet what about my other questions ? May I save some bucks on some motors with less performance ?

There’s a huge variety of motors. If I knew of one cheaper that worked well, we’d be using that. Our motors are designed to our spec, are quite inexpensive and work very well with 3D printers. The spec sheet to the motors is here:

You’ll be pretty hard pressed to beat that.

I’m not an expert in sourcing :blush: , but effectively I didn’t find motors with such specs at this price :slight_smile:.

I’ll buy yours Jebba :wink:.

Cool thanks.

Hi Jebba,

I see my command is shipped from US.

Did I miss something in the process ? Is there another way to do so that it is shipped from UK with lower shipping charges :frowning: ? (for a next command…).

The 0.35mm nozzle you got was just available in the USA, so everything shipped from there. We will be stocking more nozzles in UK, but right now they aren’t there.

Ideally, at some point we have icons or similar on our website that indicate where a product is in stock.



Ok, I didn’t thought about this detail sorry :blush: .

Right now I see the difference in shipping just having motors in cart, I should have tried…

Yet your icons idea for stock location is a great idea :exclamation: :slight_smile:

Thanks for your answer.