TPU 85A How to load?

Polyflex 95A TPU is not difficult to load.

Can’t get NinjaTek 85A, 3.00mm to load though. Any details on loading will b greatly appreciated. :slight_smile:

OK-Success by whittling down to a point with scalpel!

Good idea.

Bringing the end of the filament down to a point will definitely help.

If I ever have trouble feeding flexibles into the tool head, I may give the filament a bit a of a spin between my fingers. If it is caught on anything, that tends to get it free and further into the hot end.

Tried the twisty method with no luck. Filament was listed as 3.00 instead of 2.85. Not sure if available as 2.85. After getting it loaded, couldn’t get a good flow extruding about 50mm. Just spits, strings, and bubbles. (Ran cleaner filament) Returned it for PolyFlex A90.

This sounds a lot like filament that has absorbed a lot of water. If the filament got to the heater block, then 3.00mm or 2.85mm can be compensated for with some fine tuning (I’d measure the diameter before I got carried away).

I’ve got a flush cutter tool that creates a nice tapered cut on the end of the filament when used “backwards” at an angle. Sometimes a second small cut to move the point closer to the center of the filament helps but usually it feeds successfully with just the one cut.

Yes, could have been moisture even though it was fresh out of box + product was not vacuum packed.

You were trying to print it too fast! Had some engineers that had same issue, and they have not contacted me about that since. :laughing:

But they did get the part they needed after.