TPU and Mini Flex

Can I use NinjaFlex TPU with Mini Flexistruder? If so, are the settings the same as TPE?


NinjaFlex is a TPU and can only be used with the flexystruder. If you are using Cura, then you just need to go to quickprint and then select the Ninjaflex material and it will have the settings there. Temp 230C , heat bed PVA glue stick at 50C, print speed 14mm/s

I hope this will help.

Thanks for your reply. I have used the Flexystruder once and it worked great. I used a blue TPE that I bought from Lulzbot. I have seen a variety pack of NinjaFlex TPU that I would like to buy. I just wanted to confirm that both TPU and TPE can be used with the FlexyStruder tool head.