Transparent filament quitting mid-print

I’m working on creating a rocket with a transparent filament. I plan on lighting it from the inside so that’s why I want it transparent. I bought the nGen Color Fabb Co-Polyester clear filament. However when I start to print it, it goes for anywhere from 2 hours to 6 hours, and then the filament quits coming out. I check on it later and the printer head is a good 3 inches higher than the printed piece and nothing is coming out. It just seems to quit part way through the print.

Do I not have the settings correct? Is my temperature too hot or too cold? Does anyone have any recommendations as to what is happening? Thank you.

I don’t have experience with PC, but try another turn or two of the idler screws. This will help the hobbed bolt get a better grip on the filament to help feed through the hotend.

This could also be the result of heat creep. What model printer? What model toolhead? What are your current temperature settings? The more information you give us, the better advice we can provide.

Try lowering the nozzle temperature 5 or 10 degrees (lowest temperature that still has good first layers). Add a desk fan blowing at the finned area of the toolhead above the hotend.