Trick to Printing Cookie Cutters?

Can someone tell me if there is some tricks to printing cookie cutters successfully anywhere in the process? Whether it be modeling, slicing, or print settings?

I used a vector to extrude a design as a cookie cutter and it printed sort of messed up. Alot of the outline that would cut the cookie didn’t get filled in as a solid piece the way it should have.

I believe the gcode was bad and the model wasn’t sliced correctly but this may be because of the model too. Maybe there is a more clean way to do this.

BTW I should mention that my cookie cutter was not a simple outline shape… it was one that had also internal details… probably too many details but the model was all one piece and didn’t seem to have any errors.

Please post your STL file so we can take a look at it.


Well… you probably need to ensure the walls of the cutter are defined by more than one line… So if you wanted a square cookie cutter, you’d need to draw the outside wall, then duplicate and scale that square by 90% to create the inside wall.

Basically, the cookie cutter wall can’t be a single line with a stroke of 3pts… at least I don’t think it would work.

The wall is plenty thick. It’s actually too thick imo. I know what you are saying though. The outer edge is not just a line… When extruded it is about 1/8 inch thick if I remember right maybe more. It ends up being a bunch of layers x plane that are not filled in… Like the printer filled in certain areas but others it skipped over completely which is why I think it’s a slicer issue.

I model in 3ds max. My process this go around was to use a vector and the shapemerge modifier to imprint it onto circular shape I made. I then use the face extrude modifier to extrude it up etc.

I’m not asking anyone to try and troubleshoot my model, although I appreciate it. Just curious if others have ran into issues like this with cookie cutters and the slicer not slicing it correctly and creating bad gcode.

I usually start with the base 2mm think or so, then I just extrude the inner wall up. They seem to work well.