Trouble with bubbling (pics)

Hello again,

I picked up some Hatchbox PLA and tried to run a few tests to see what settings it prints best with. I started out using the eSUN PLA profile from the quick print and edited the temps, flow and layer height. I tried from 190 - 210C with about 90% flow and .2mm layer height on a few prints of Marvin. For the most part everything looked good, but there are a few small bubbles throughout the print. Being as they weren’t anything major, I attempted to print this G-clamp from Thingiverse:

I printed 2 of these at 200C, and as you can see in the pics, there are a couple of problem spots that appear to be in the exact same spots on both prints. The first is on the back, it looks like there’s some blobs or something happening where the layer starts and stops. The second is on the front face at the bottom corner (maybe some under extrusion?).

The top and bottom came out perfect, first layer also looks good. My retraction is set to 10mm/s, do i need to change that?

I’m supprised no one chimed in here as of yet.
I see this exact same anomaly when using Village PLA or ABS.
What I think is happening is that there is too much pressure in the extruder when starting those outer
strands. That leaves those blobs.
It’s possible that reducing the flow slightly might help.
Maybe the diameter of your filament is slightly larger than 2.85mm
In that case, reducing the filament diameter setting in CURA might help to reduce this.
When the file is being sliced, the position of the layer starts appears to be in the same spot for several layers.
That’s why it’s so noticeable.
I don’t know of a CURA setting that will change the start points for each layer.
I’ve been leaving those blobs alone, but I really should try to reduce or eliminate them.

Just a few thoughts.

You can’t eleminate this, it’s the start/stop point of the layer. The only perfect solution is to hide them in corners, slic3r does a good job with that. And print the outer perimeter slow reduces the effect.