Troubleshooting a Lulzbot Mini 1.04 (Losing Connection after successful auto-level)

Issue: 100% of the time, when starting any print job, PCM (Problem Child Mini) will gently autolevel. After the touching the 4th washer, loses connection with Octoprint (Octopi is a RPi2B+, they’ve been paired for 6 years).

I did try changing Octoprint settings regarding timeouts - no change. Changed the model. No conductivity between nozzle and washers. I opened up the box, pulled the fuses, and the fuses had conductivity. (I’m a novice with the multimeter, but it registered non-zero when I touched both sides of the fuses.)

Reading other posts, I tested for conductivity between the washers and the “Z-Min” on the board - no conductivity. There was conductivity between the white z-min wire and washers.

Any recommendations on what to try next?
Any useful youtube videos or blogs dealing with this kind of thing?

Thanks for your time.

What does the PCM do if you bypass the Octopi and print from PC?

I’m not experienced with the Mini, but if Z on the Taz 6 is too far off of level (which happened a LOT with the sledgehammer of an object that is the dual extruder v2), it gives a FATAL ERROR RESTART message on the screen and disconnects from my octopi. It might be doing that, but without a screen on the Mini, you don’t get a message.

So, do a gantry leveling based off the bed by setting it about 40mm above the bed, disabling the steppers, and manually twisting the threaded rods until both sides of the gantry are within 1mm of each other when measured off the bed. After that, ensure the nozzle’s clean (for the 100th time, I’m sure), and give it a shot.

Look on the console tab of Octoprint and see what the printer is reporting, and if you want to know the results of the autolevel add the verbose flag to the Gcode command to the autolevel code line.