Troubleshooting Using The Arduino Serial Console Monitor

Our Lulzbot Mini is no longer connecting with our PC but is recognized by the device manager.

Based on what’s in another thread I think it’s a bad mini-RAMBo card.

It was suggested that I use an Aruino Serial Console Monitor (via the USB port) the view the startup message.

Does anyone know how to that for this 3D Printer?

Download the arduino package, install it, then set the settings for Com and baud and try to connect. It will either connect, and give you info on the state of the board, or not connect which will tell you one very expensive thing about your board.

Okay, I’ve installed Arduino 1.6.5 and set it for COM3.

Now how do I connect, I don’t see anything that says “connect”. I did get an error msg when it was originally set to COM1, but that disappeared when I set it to COM3.