Trying to make sure I have a good bottom layer

Hello everyone,

I’m trying to make sure that I am getting a good bottom layer so that I can avoid a lot of the headaches I was having before (noob problems I know). I had to replace my print assembly and thought that this would be a good time to do all of that. Would you guys mind taking a look at these pictures and tell me if this looks ok or is bad? I noticed that as a get further to the left side, I’m seeing a lot more whiter patches, and if you look closely towards the bottom left you can kind of see some squiggles (for lack of a better word). Should I be concerned about this? And if so, any suggestions on what is causing it and what to tweak? Thanks in advance.

Doesn’t look too bad. Those squiggles were probably small slivers the nozzle picked up and transferred. What material are you printing there? If its abs you might want to bump up the extrude temperature 5 to 10 degrees. You layer height and extrusion look good so far. You will know for sure on that later up in a print. The different colors may be different thicknesses but I think its actually differing adhesion patches.

I’m using and at 230. I’ll move it to 235 and see what that does. On differing adhesion, will that cause warping? Or not really as long as it is sticking fairly well all over?

It can, I wouldn’t worry about it a lot unless you have major lifting.

Ok, great. One last question. If I think I am underextruding (just for future reference) should I decrease or increase the diameter of the filament in my slicer settings? I don’t have calipers to accurately measure my filament with.

The very next thing you should do is buy a decent set of digital vernier calipers. Lowes home improvements has a pretty good one. That being said your filament setting shouldn’t be used as a fudge factor calculator. You want that dialed in as much as you can. If you have to though setting that setting smaller than actual size will make the printer think it is feeding narrower filament, which results in overextrusion. Overextrusion occurs when filament width is larger than setting width.