Tuning/calibration process or guide?

Mornin’ Guys and Gals

I’ve been looking for some time for a process to calibrate and fine tune my printer and print settings. I haven’t found much except for the occasional calibration piece that only addresses one issue at a time.
So my main question is, does any one have a process or a link to a good tutorial for for printer calibration?
2nd question is should I even consider changing things like my steps/mm from my stock settings?

Current Process:
I start by leveling the bed.
I then use digital calipers to measure my first layer height at multiple points around the bed and take the average.
I set this average value as my first layer height. (this is used in all my slicer profiles be it fine, medium, or fast)
After this I need help. I think the next logical step would be to tune in the extrusion width by printing square or circular tube with a wall diameter of .35mm ___OR___dialing in the extrusion rate of the extruder (which brings me back to the question of should i even touch the stock settings).

Any help or guidance would be appreciated.

Set up:
Taz 2
24volt heating bed upgrade
.35mm nozzle
window xp laptop

Here you go:

We’re starting to put some of the (typically factory) configuration processes up on OHAI-kit:


Such as: