Ultrasound to remove objects from build plate?

Maybe this sounds ridiculous but has anyone tried a simple consumer ultrasound device to cleanly get prints off the build plate? would this work at all or is that a stupid idea? :slight_smile:

I know when the object is stuck far too much it’s probably due to using too much lulzjuice, however for certain longer prints I’d rather use too much and never risk any lift off on any corner.

I’ve always preferred > stuck then < stuck.

Maybe if you knew the resonance frequency of the plate, you could use something to vibrate it at the right frequency, and assuming whatever is stuck on the plate didn’t have the same resonance, it would come loose. Seems like direct vibration would work better than ultrasound though.

The best part removal tool is this one: http://www.amazon.com/Calphalon-Gadgets-Dual-Cheese-Plane/dp/B000SDQGL6/ref=sr_1_6?ie=UTF8&qid=1422055262&sr=8-6&keywords=cheese+plane

Tape over the cheese slicer bit, or file it off, and just use it as a part removal wedge. I’d use that over an ultrasound device any day!

im really Close to actually getting your legendary cheese slicer after reading about it so often :slight_smile:

yeah I accepted that I just Need to either go PEI bed, or stop using such a strong lulzjuice formula.

Yesterday I did another print with no abs slurry or anything, and it stuck well and came off perfectly. I guess for high risk parts ill use a very light abs slurry so the parts wont stick like a bitch :wink: