Update default filament size

I want lulzbot to come with default 1.75 mm toolheads as 2.85 mm filament is becoming more & more rare especially in places like Canada with only a handful per market for desktop 3DPrinting unless you mean like 4 ft x 4 ft build plates or other gaint 3dPrinters

IMO, more important than the default tool head is a populated material profile list for 1.75mm filament.

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true what i am saying is what comes out of the box i should have been more clear kind Sir

@TimPostma - The TAZ Pro S comes with a M175 tool heads and the both the Sidekicks (289 and 747) are able to be configured to get a SK175, M175 or H175 tool head.

I meant like the lulzbot mini 2 & if their is any others that do not have a 1.75 mm filament size