Updating Marlin Firmware on LulzBot Taz Pro

I’m trying to change the language of the LulzBot Taz Pro LCD from English to Spanish. However, it does not seem that the 3D printer updates with my new firmware settings. For reference, I did the following to the provided source code.

  1. Opened the Arduino Environment.
  2. Edited the “#define LCD_LANGUAGE en” line in the Configuration.h file to “#define LCD_LANGUAGE es”.
  3. Turned on the Lulzbot Taz Pro.
  4. Plugged in the Lulzbot Taz Pro into my computer using the USB-A port.
  5. Selected the “Archim” board in the Arduino environment.
  6. Erased the flash on the EEPROM on the Archim motherboard inside the printer by pressing the ERASE button on the LCD.
  7. Clicked the “Upload” button in the Arduino environment.
  8. Waited until the following message was displayed
    Verify 316452 bytes of flash
    [==============================] 100% (1237/1237 pages)
    Verify successful
  9. Turned the 3D printer off and then on again by toggling the power switch.

However, the LCD does not seem to change the LCD text. In a more fundamental sense, I wish to alter the source code (Configuration.h files, etc.) for the Lulzbot Taz Pro on our own and upload the source code onto the 3D printer, and we are using the language text as a way to demonstrate that this is possible. Any help would be great!