Upgrade M175 v2 with Platinum RTD for High-Temp Materials?

Would love to be able to print hotter than 290°C in my Mini 2 using the M175 v2 hotend. Looks like Marlin limits temperature to 295 without mods because the thermistor is unreliable above that point; Slice Engineering sells a platinum RTD that’s rated to 500C though. (Just looking to go to about 320C for some higher-temperature polycarbonates and nylons). Has anyone modified their firmware to work with the RTD and to raise Marlin’s temperature limit? Thanks!

I found some instructions for anyone else who’s looking to upgrade their Marlin printers to higher extrusion temperatures! https://support.sliceengineering.com/portal/en/kb/articles/how-do-i-update-my-firmware-to-be-compatible-with-the-rtd-pt1000