Upgraded Lulzbot Taz 6 Hemera stepper motor not extruding filament

A problem has arisen with my new upgraded Lulzbot Taz 6 Hemera stepper motor not extruding filament. (I.e. gearing is not rotating at the set temperature e.g. PLA at 200 0C).

The E-steps and firmware updates have been applied successfully through the Graphical LCD - (LulzBot TAZ 6 | SE | 0.5 mm-(Aero V2).

Filament can easily be extruded by hand, indicating that the nozzle is free from restrictions.

All of the Molex 4 / 16 / 20 two row connections appear to be sound with only the power to the stepper motor being affected.

Re-installation of the Taz 6 Aerostruder extruder, the printer functions perfectly.

I have checked through the E3D forum hoping that I might have found an answer.

I am not quite sure as to what to try next and would appreciate any advice?

Rob Hunter

Has the motor ever turned? This sounds like a wiring or bad motor problem, since the other toolhead is good to go.

Thank you for your response to my query.

No, there is no motor movement.

The Hemera stepper motor and the wiring harness are brand new unit purchased through Itworks3d.com; who have asked for photographs of the setup?

Is the any way I can verify the electrical integrity of the motor and the wiring?

I personally think - (only a guess) - that it maybe the wiring in the transition harness being cross connected where it goes from a Molex 16 double row to a Molex 20 double row on the Hemera.

My electrical knowledge is very limited.


Rob Hunter

If you bought it from itworks3d.com have you reached out to them? I have a couple of their tool heads. They are insanely responsive over email. Half the time responding within a few minutes.

Thank you to all for responding.

Just an update on my Taz 6 Hemera.

The Hemera problem has now been resolved by the installation of a new adapter wiring harness.

The e-steps were calibrated at 398 mm and is extruding very efficiently with good results.
Regards, Rob Hunter

@lewers That sounds awesome! I’ve been watching that head for a minute. The only thing that slows me down is being forced to the smaller filament. I have a ton of 2.85 filament.

there was a problem with cracked gears have you googled it it is a known problem My hemera works Brill I would check your gears

Any reaction to the new toolhead? I’m tired of dealing with issues on dual v3 and stock 2.1 toolheads on my taz 6. Some printers cost less than the new toolheads.