UPS Battery Backup for Mini 2 Desktop

Hi Guys - Thanks for looking at my question.

I’d like to get a UPS (Battery Backup) for my Desktop Mini

Is this overkill:

I want something reliable - I searched Amazon and I see many APC and CyberPower - 1500 VA 900 W max - devices - but many are complaining of defects, fires, bad quality etc. I only need it to safely stop a print in an event of a long outage - or for those occasional power drops. It happened this AM - power dropped for 1 second. If I was printing something that would have been 5 hours wasted etc.

Any thoughts?

The $199 price tag is doable and I spoke with the rep - and they stated that is the smallest and cheapest they offer - however I just want to see if anyone else has done something different or similar.



Does anyone have a suggestion? I did ask support for their thoughts and they told me the community is the best place.


A 1500W should be plenty if all you want is a few minutes to power down the printer. For a 5min run time, a smaller UPS would work also…

APC/Schneider, Tripp-Lite are all well known in the computer networking, and data center usage. Here’s a calculator to help with the decision:

Hope that helps.


I am just setting up my Mini 2 and would like to purchase an UPS. Can you share with me what model you ended up with and whether it met your need?