Use Vanilla (Ultimaker) Cura (4.7.1) with TAZ Pro?

Hello, I’m considering purchasing a TAZ Pro. Currently use an Ultimaker 3 with Ultimaker Cura of course. I see that CuraLE does not have some features that Ultimaker Cura does have (including different flow rates for different features, which is quite important for what I’m doing). Are there any features that Ultimaker Cura won’t have that CuraLE does have, specifically for dual extrusion and using the new M175 toolhead? Alternatively, will CuraLE based on Ultimaker 4.7.1 be released anytime soon?


The biggest plus for CuraLE over Ultimaker Cura is the materials profile data. A plus but not as big is the tool head and firmware integration.

CuraLE has some additional gcode “variables” populated from the materials profile data that don’t exist in Ultimaker Cura. I don’t think there are any CuraLE features specific to dual extrusion or the M175 toolhead.

IMO, a CuraLE based on Ultimaker 4.7.1 is not going to happen anytime soon (if ever).