Using RAMPS hardware on a TAZ Hybrid

I currently have an AO-100, that I have upgraded to AO-101 spec, along with a 60mm ht increase. I make parts for Dragracing motorcycles and have found the build size is a bit small for a fair amount of my printing and am considering building a TAZ style printer.

Any issues with using RAMPS hardware on the new build so it is basically the same as my AO-100? I understand there will be no LCD display, among other things, but I really don’t “need” those things, just the larger volume (specifically larger X/Y). Changine the travel limits is not a problem as I did that with the 60mm ht increase and changeover to the smaller drives on the motors for the AO-100 to AO-101 upgrade. I guess my main concern is the initial flashing and setup of a ramps, from scratch, although I am sure it is well documented on forums (here or Reprap)


If you want to convert an AO-100 to a TAZ style printer, you may want to start with this project:

Which is one of my projects and was born from an AO-100.

To add the LCD, you need to swap out the RAMPS board itself for one that has the header pins installed. That involves unplugging everything, putting the new board back in place, then reflashing it with the updated LCD equipped firmware. I have that if you need it. A new Ramps board with the pin headers can be aquired for around $20.

You could just directly convert over to the TAZ motion system entirely, but keep the Y axis and lower frame box temporarily depending on how much work you are willing to do.

The other issue you are going to run into is 24v vs 12v. The AO-100 was a 12v system, and the RAMPS and Airduno modules that shipped with it, as well as the power supply are not rated for 24v. Converting the whole thing to 24v basically involves replacing the entire brain segment, so you would be better off going with the newer Rambo module in that instance. You would need to upgrade to 24v to run the larger Taz 4 bed.