Vase Mode??

I tried to print the below vase (link at the bottom), I came back a few hours later and no center of the base - just a solid glob an inch high pile of filament with no center - this has happened before - the instructions on the fine print on the page - say something about vase mode - printing a solid block of filament sucks and is expensive

how the heck do I set / unset vase mode? what is the downside of it?

why don’t I see reference to vase? I did look here in the forum and there was a reference to “Expert” but can’t seem to find that, and the instructions did not make sense, I am very new to the whole 3D printing thing and don’t really have anyone I can ask for help.

what should I do?


Mini 2
Cura 3.6.3


In Cura LE 2.6+ it will be called Spiralize Outer Counter. To get this set up, go to Custom Settings > Special Modes > Spiralize Outer Counter.

This will generate a single wall that slowly moves up as it is creating the outer shell. Just be sure to have infill percentage set lower than 100%, and cura will take care of the rest.

Thanks - I will give it a try when I change filaments back

Is there any downside to leaving spiral on all the time? Or should I go back to the standard profile?


Spiral means a single outer shell (and nothing in the interior). Most models don’t want to be “hollowed out” like this.

thanks much