Venus de Milo print

So I set up venus de milo, from the first print download section.

Everything is fairly decent, but I have upper layers looking a little bit sloppy and even some layer adhesion problems.

I understand the print was typically set up for PLA but I’m printing it with ABS, using the correct extruder and heat bed settings. Any idea why the print would have some of the upper layers delamining?

I noticed the first layer started to curl as well, might explain the upper layers delaminating a bit.

This would be my 3rd print, so far it’s been pretty amazing, I just figured it’s a settings problem combined with perhaps not enough stick on the first layer.


Hey Tweak!

Glad to hear you’re diving in :slight_smile:. Are you printing with an extruder fan? They come stock on the TAZ 4 and are an upgrade to printers before that. Fans tend to cool ABS way too much, leading to the kind of layer delamination that you’re seeing. On the other hand, they make PLA prints GORGEOUS.

If you are using the fan, I’d try it again either reslicing the model with the cooling fan off, or you can simply disconnect the fan at the print head and run the same g-code to try it out.

Hope that helps!

Hey Bam!

When I woke up this morning I started thinking about it, and I realized the fan is controlled by the Gcode, and that abs probably sets up super quick without it.

So a PLA code would essentially run the fan, and it makes complete sense.

Maybe I’ll give it another shot by slicing it up and applying an ABS profile to it… or edit the fan to zero.

Much appreciate the help. Can’t wait to mess with it some more, I pretty much go home after work and fire it up :stuck_out_tongue:.