Violent shaking along X-axis

Fairly new to 3-D printing. We’ve been using a Taz 6 in a small academic library for about 18 months. Recently, when the printer starts going through it’s auto leveling when starting a print it will shake violently when moving along the X-axis. We’re not sure what is causing it. Adjusting the wiring to the X stepper seems to help sometimes, but not always.

Thanks in advance for your input!

Well about a month ago I found that my X axis motor cable was hitting the Z homing button body during printing and had broken most of the motor wires at the motor connector. I have had to replace/repair it to resolve my problem, and I hope that is not your problem.

Could you post a video of the shaking? There are a few things that might be causing this and seeing a video could help narrow that down a bit.