Voltage and Current measurement - TAZ 4


My name is Harsha and I have TAZ4 at the lab where I work. I wanted to measure the corresponding voltage and current values for different temperatures. However, I am not able to do so.

I tried placing a breadboard in between the wires of thermistor and heating resistor that go from the printer to the thermistor and heating resistor.

This way the circuit is very much in place and I should be able to measure the voltage by placing an additional wire in the breadboard, using a multimeter.

However, I am not able to get the accurate values of voltages, as it fluctuates a lot.

Could someone suggest an alternate way of measurement of currents and voltages or anyway I can modify the current circuit?

Your help is much appreciated. Please, do get back to me about this.

The thermistor resistance varies as the temperature changes. The only voltage and current involved is the circuit to measure the resistance.

I believe the heating resistor is turned on and off by the firmware to maintain a temperature. Again the voltage and current are not varied, only the ratio of on to off time.

Instead of asking us for a solution to an unknown problem, describe the problem you are trying to solve and we can suggest a solution.

I have an AC power monitor that displays the voltage and current (or watts) being drawn by the printer power supply. I could just use the control panel of the printer to set various nozzle temperatures and measure the wattage needed to maintain that temperature. Additional variables are, of course, the ambient air temperature and the air circulation around the nozzle.