Wanted Features

I love the TAZ, but I do wish it had some sort of extrusion or filament problem detection and auto pause.

If extrusion stops, if the filament stops feeding either because it ran out, or grinding occurred, or a clog occurred, or whatever, I wish it would just stop and wait for me to fix the issue. It would be nice if it sent me a text message too, but if it would at least stop, then at least the print might not be ruined.

Does anyone know of a solution?

Also, I feel like that filament tensioner is a weak link. It needs some definitive way to set it, and it needs to stay set. I’ve lost a couple of long running prints because it ended up too loose. I think the vibration and what not of a 30 hour print can loosen it up. And you need to be able to measurably change it depending on the filament. Some filaments need a looser setting, some need it really tight. It would be nice if you could set it to a numeric value, or better yet, it would be set for the filament type in the software and the system would apply the right pressure.

Anyway. Don’t get me wrong. Love the printer. Super device. But I do hate looking after a 30 hour print only to see it fail shortly before it was about to finish…

This will help with the tension screws loosening. Just print this and slip it over the screws to lock them in place.