Warping - will more heat help?

I have a large part that is at the limit on length for the TAZ 6. It has to have another part slide inside it so I need it to print truly flat, without warping at the ends.

I am using ColorFab HT, which is supposedly more stable and doesn’t warp, but I am getting significant warping, about .25 inch at the ends and the part is pulling up the PEI off the bed at the ends. The resulting part is unusable since the insert will not freely slide.

I have an enclosure, but due to the thermostat in the heater, the temp inside the enclosure maxes out at 38C.

My question is, if I bypass the thermostat on the heater, and push the temp inside the enclosure to 50C, will that reduce the warping?

Colorfabb HT tends to warp more than Colorfabb XT.