What is Compatibility Issue noted for Moons NEMA Steppers

Ref: NEMA 17 Stepper Motor, Moons’ - INCLUDING Adapter

I have a bad stepper on the X-axis of my Mini and am considering upgrading all 5 to the new MOONS NEMA 17 steppers; however…
On the product page there is a warning that the upgraded motors are not compatible with the left-hand side, Z-Axis stepper.

What is the specific issue, and can it be overcome? The existing left and right steppers look identical.


The Moons motors ones have that new plug in connector block fitting. I’m guessing that fitting is in the way of the control box or causes some other mounting difficulty. That’s just a guess though.

The left one needs a longer cable, so maybe the adapter is not long enough to use on the left side. Just a S.W.A.G. on my end…

Thanks for the replies. I may just purchase and work through the difficulty. If I go that route, I’ll post results here. I’m suspecting the cable issue is probably the correct one as the left stepper has an extended cable that extends in to the control board.

Thanks again.

An update…

Today I installed 5 new Moons steppers on my Mini. The compatibility issue with the left Z-axis stepper is that the cable on that one is longer than the others and has a female connector; therefore, I spliced one of the supplied cables with the stock one. No big deal; however, if you’re looking to upgrade, you should be comfortable soldering small (20 or 22 ga) wires and working with heat shrink tubing.

ALSO – be aware that the extruder has the same issue and must be solder-spliced.

Just finished the first test print. The new steppers are quieter and the motion is very smooth.

The issues that drove the replacement – skipping on the x-direction (turned out to be a loose cog) and stalling on the z-axis (the bigger problem).

All in all, I’m very happy with the switch.


Here are a few pics of the wiring necessary for the extruder. The same is required for the left Z axis stepper.