What is going on with my prints?!

Ok, so I am seeing this with both PLA and ABS. The blue is PLA and the grey is ABS.

And I guess I have to learn to post pics on a fourm again. :question:

Did this happen all of the sudden? Or over time. Have you tried the sample g-code files on the SD card to check that nothing is wrong with the printer?

We have just started to really pay attention to the output quality lately. I thought I had started to get a hold of what to do, but I have been reading thru the forums more tonight and realized that we have not really even started to dial in the printer. They have been getting worse over the last few weeks.

I am in the process of getting everything ready to upgrade the X and Y axis to the open rails design. But I am starting to wonder if there is something more basic that is off as well.

Where is a good place to start as far as getting the printer calibrated as far as esteps go?


Here is an steps calibration guide : http://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-calibrate-the-Extruder-on-your-3d-Printer

Also check your filliament diameter setting. Curia defaults to either 3.00mm or 2.85mm, but filliament can often be smaller or larger than that, and if it is off you end up over or underextruding.

Other things that are critical are bed level and good adhesion, temperatures of nozzle and bed, and when to use or not use a fan. No fan for abs except for bridging or small layers, for pla fan is a requirement. Abs temperature, start with 240c on the nozzle and 105 on the bed. You want a .40mm to .45mm thick starting layer, if you are too close to the bed you will over extrude.

To load a picture into the forums go to the “attachments” button, upload all the pictures at once, then press the “place inline” button for each printer.