What is the cost of upgrading to all linear rails?

Hey All,
I’ve been looking into possibly upgrading my TAZ 5 With an Openrails retrofit to all axises. Has anyone calculated the full cost of this and is there a detailed guide for the installation?

The thingiverse.com pages are the currently most compete and detailed installation guides. As far as cost goes, its around $75 for x for hardware, $95 for y and $95 for z if you go with the highest end wheel options. Z may not be worth it from a cost benefit perspective as it doesn’t offer the dramatic improvement the x and y do. Plastic costs end up a couple pounds of plastic total if you do all three.

I am working on better installation documentation. I need one more leadscrew nut before I can finish the second frame though.

Ill be happy to answer any questions on the install you might have