What is the difference between Printing Temperature and Printing Temperature

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Under Custom -> Material, what is the difference between Printing Temperature and Default Printing Temperature. I added a new material for some Gold PLA from HatchBox. Under the new material profile I set the Default Printing Temperature. When I select the material I added, the Default Printing Temperature changes to 185, but the Printing Temperature stays at 200. I can override it but I was hoping that it would take the value of the material. Am I doing something wrong?


Can one of the mods move this to General -> Software? Sorry.

No need to apologize, and moved :smiley:

Default printing temperature will be what is associated to the material itselft. If no printing temperature is defined, it will default to this.

The printing temp can be lowered or raised depending on the specific profile. High Speed and High Strength profiles will generally have a higher printing temp, while High Detail and lower layer height profiles will have a lower printing temp due to moving slower and moving less mass.