What material is nozzle tip made from?


I have a Lulzbot Taz 6, and I am wondering what material the nozzle tip is made from. I hear many people refer to it as a brass nozzle tip. But I am wondering if it is indeed brass or if it is copper? I have attached two different PDF’s that indicate the material could be made of either brass or copper. The ‘nozzle_3mm-0.5mm_v0.2’ file is from the devel.lulzbot page, and this indicates that the nozzle is made of copper. The other file shows that some nozzles can be made of copper while others could be made from brass.

I’m curious because the thermal conductivity is quite different between copper and brass.

I appreciate the feedback.
Taz 5 Lulzbot Hex Nozzle PP-MP0084-X-X.PDF (135 KB)
nozzle_3mm-0.50mm_v0.2.PDF (155 KB)

All of the stock ones I have seen are either made of brass, or plated with brass thick enough that heavy wear shows no copper.

Thanks for the response, Piercet.

I found out from AlephObjects that the nozzles are made of brass, but they have a beryllium copper finish. The copper finish provides higher conductivity for the Auto Leveling task, but the body of the nozzle is all brass.