What nozzle size did I use?

I have two print heads. A .35mm and a .5mm. I set the machine up with the .35mm a month or so ago and have been printing with that. No problem.
Now I have switched back to .5mm. Can I tell looking in my G code files (or anywhere else for that matter) which nozzle size I used on which parts??
Another way of stating the problem is; I have a collection of G code files and I don’t know which nozzle I used when I sliced them. :blush:

Thanks for your interest in this.

Tim in D

It is possible to tell the difference from the gcode. If you load it into a gcode visualizer like repetier has you can see the line thickness difference. Programmatically it’s a bit more difficult unless you also had different z heights, it can involve a bit of math otherwise.

Thanks Pierce,

I guess from now on I will either write a comment in the G code or include the nozzle size in the part name.

Tim in D

I added the following to my start.gcode:

;Nozzle Size: {nozzle_size}

and for slic3r:

;This profile is designed specifically for LulzBot TAZ 6 3D Printer
;Modified for slic3r place holders, {} -> [] and change some names
;Basic slice data:
;Nozzle diameter: [nozzle_diameter]
;Layer height: [layer_height]
;Fill: [fill_density]