What software to use?

Hey all I bought a AO 101 from eBay and found out it was modified and I couldn’t get it to print. I tried everything including help from people here and other boards. No go, couldn’t get it to work. I finally broke down and bought Simplify 3d. It worked! Even though I am pissed at them for telling me my printer was supported and isn’t. That is in respect to preset configured settings. So I had to set it up myself but it did work! So that makes me glad. It was 40 bucks less than the whole printer so very expensive. I tried Lulzbot and Cura and that was bad because the printer had been modified. So any way as a last resort if having issues you may want to try Simplify.
Just to be clear with Simplify 3d I checked before I bought if my machine, AO101, was supported and it said yes. I then get into the software and it says no. I had to set it up myself. That was not hard but the prints could be a lot better and I have to believe it’s because of me. Plus the centering is off. That is the reason I bought the software, because it would take me out of the equation and that is the problem I am having. I don’t know how to set up a printer.
I feel I got swindled and I am going to ask for my money back. I mean that’s why anyone buys their product so they don’t have to set up the printer! Their software does.
I finally got the original nozzle in the mail and now I can use Lulzbot configurations. I do not need Simplify anymore. F them and they’re scam tactics.