Where does everyone buy their PEI/PET bed plastic from?


I’ve found very few places that sell PET tape but I’m not sure what thickness I’m supposed to get?

It’s hard to find anywhere that sells it unless it’s in large volumes…? I just feel like surely you guys must know where I can get the right stuff from?


I buy mine from Lulzbot.

Yeah but it always says unavailable there: https://www.lulzbot.com/store/parts/pet-tape-12x12-sheet-5-pack#

I desperately need some new plastic on my bed!!

So just for clarification… PEI and PET are different.

PET is a film that was applied to the glass in models up to the TAZ 4.

PEI is a thicker sheet on the glass bed starting with the TAZ 5.

Get them both from Lulzbot. The PEI can be purchased through Amazon, but it won’t have the adhesive applied… FWIW the .03" PEI with the 3M adhesive would be $25 less…

FWIW, I will not buy more PET when I run out. I will switch to PEI on my my Taz 2.1. It is a superior build surface.