Win7 x64 Cura LE does not connect to Mini V1 w/aerostruder

I have a Lulzbot Mini V1 that I have used several years. This was purchased through Matter Hackers with their Matter Control running on an under powered 7” tablet. I fitted the mini with a flexytruder head and dedicated the mini to doing flexible filament work. Matterhackers replaced the 7” with a 10” tablet and I did use that configuration for a while, but found that the older V21 of Cura was easier to work with and used that and a notebook computer before the Cura LE was released. I upgraded the Mini with an Aerostruder head so I could do nonflexible as well as flexible. I used the LE verson often, but have not used the printer for a while.
I find now that LE will not connect to the Mini on my desktop or notebook computer. Checking the driver that is enabled when I plug the Mini in, I find that the notebook uses a driver from Matter Hackers, but the Desktop has a driver from Ultimachines(1.0.0 for the RAMBo to be exact). Running update driver in Windows installs the Matter Hackers driver, so that is where I believe the driver on the notebook came from. Running Windows diagnostics does not detect any problems with RAMBo(on COM11 in the case of the desktop). I uninstalled CURA LE, cleared the cache, and installed the latest Cura LE(driver install check box was greyed out but checked). I created printer Mini V1, aerostruder, no LCD. I set the filament and let the rocktopus be sliced before going to Monitor, Cura LE indicates there is a USB device available, but will not manually or automatically connect to the printer. I tried the older version of Cura 21.04, knowing that it did not support the aerostruder, but just to see if I could communicate with the Mini. It saw the RAMBo on port 11, but selecting the connect control only closed the connection after a few seconds. Please reply with some ideas to determine what the problem is.