Windows Cura Ed. issue

I’m an instructor and I have a student running Windows 10. Cura installs fine and we can load an stl part however the slicing process and layer view are not working properly. I have opened the stl in my Mac Cura 20.01 and it works fine (2.5 hour print and layer view works fine). We have checked all the slicing settings-- have used the basic beginner quick slice & tried the advanced/expert settings in the PC version-- no luck. Uninstalled 20.01 for Windows and installed the previous version 19-- also no luck. We get “0 minutes” print time and a layer view showing 2 layers but no visible part in either edition. All settings between the Windows and the Mac settings are exactly the same. Short of uninstalling/reinstalling AGAIN… what could be the issue? I am not proficient in Windows PC issues.