Windows Version

I currently have Windows 8 on my laptop. I am considering a new PC with Windows 10. The reason is future versions/improvements to the Cura software might require newer versions of the OS. What is the group’s opinion in this respect?

Windows 10 works fine for 3d printing.

I am sure the Win 10 will work. But my main concern was should I go with Win 10 now so that when the software is updated in the future I will be ahead of the game. Or will the Win 7 be fine for the next 4 or 5 years in regards to updates to the Cura software.

Well, you should get off windows 7 because of the security issues at this point, but sure will run on either platform at the moment just fine, though likely more support efforts will be directed at newer os versions. The controller stack and usb interface in this case is about identical on the backend still.

Thanks for the additional information. If I can upgrade my laptop I will. If not go with a new Win 10. I wonder if I need the Pro 64 bit or will the home version be OK?

You should never ever install a 32 bit operating system ever again. Unless you like using less than 4GB ram.

I have windows 10 laptop and I have successfully installed the Cura software. This doesn’t have any issue on windows 10 but sometimes the taskbar won’t hide in fullscreen. I guess windows explorer is responsible for that.