X axis errors

My new mini consistently adds 0.2mm onto the x axis of every part. I have reported this error and suspect it is a Cura 19.12 issue with the nozzle size in the x axis, the software guys will be looking into on Monday.

Has anyone else noticed this problem with Cura or lack of this problem with another slicer?

Hard to believe it’s a slicer error…
Have you checked:
.) your belt tension (compare X and Y)
.) X and Y axis steps/mm setting
.) is your esteps/mm setting calibrated and does this happen also to a 20x20mm test cube when your print it slow (20mm/s)
.) If you rotate the cube 45°, is the 0.2mm now found on the diagonal dimension?

Yes all done and a lot more besides!

If I print a rectangle say 10 x 20 then it will print 10 x 20.2, if I turn it 90 degrees on the bed and reprint then I get 10.2 and 20.0. This happens at all speeds, including 10 mm/s.

In my view it is a Cura error, maybe a hangover from the Ultimaker 0.4mm nozzle size in the code, missed for the x axis. We will see.

If you give Slic3r a try, you could check if it’s Cura in minutes. Would be interesting…