X Axis Wobble

This is my first experience with 3D printing, so this may have an easy answer. If so, I haven’t been able to find it yet. I’ve printing a few things since I got my Mini last Friday, but I’m just now trying to dial the quality up a bit.

The print below has some wobble in the X axis. The don’t seem to be uniform though. Does anybody have any ideas on what to check and/or adjust?

Mini Medium Profile (.25mm)
Gizmo Dorks 3mm PLA (the manufacture claims you may need more temp to extrude, but I haven’t had any issues getting it to stick so far)

I haven’t seen anything like that on my Mini. You should hit up support.

My Mini makes prints of the Taz 2.1 look bad, to be honest.

That’s not wobble, but the x axis not moving correctly (due to either belt tension or to moving too fast along an axis, or something similar).

Try the print again, and see if it repeats. The X axis belt and Y axis belt should have the same tension- if you encounter something like that again let us know.